K Whitney LinkedIn Top Voices 2016

Kellye Speaks. People Listen.


If you've ever met Kellye Whitney, Human Capital Media's associate editorial director, you know she usually has something to say. You probably also realize that when she speaks, people listen!

Now, there's even more proof. Kellye has been named to two prestigious lists this year that recognize important voices in media.

In March, she was among the director-level doers on the 2016 Folio: Top Women in Media list. The annual awards from Folio magazine celebrate the creativity and accomplishments of female publishing professionals who have "fearlessly moved their teams, brands, and companies forward, made strides in their respective markets, and created lasting impressions on their colleagues."

Then, in mid-December, Kellye was #2 in LinkedIn's Top Voices 2016: The 10 Must-know Writers in Media. Each year, LinkedIn singles out exceptional writers who are making a mark in their industries. To compile the list, they rely on a formula that measures a range of criteria — from the number of shares articles trigger to the strength and caliber of the comments generated — to determine which writers are publishing content that is worth paying attention to in social media. Oh, and by the way, this marks the second year in a row that Kellye was heralded for her blog, A Life Not Grey, and her forthright and thought altering writing about race, gender, pop culture, politics and all the dimensions of how people work.

Her colleagues at Human Capital Media couldn't be prouder, though none of them was shocked to hear Kellye continues to gather accolades. Managing Editor Frank Kalman said, "Kellye is an accomplished writer and editor who brings unique perspective and tremendous creativity to work with her every day. It's no surprise to me that LinkedIn is recognizing her for the second straight year as one of its most influential editorial voices."

Editorial Director Rick Bell also chimed in. "I'm not surprised Kellye is being recognized again. She has a little provocateur in her, and her sharp insight and wit make her blog must-read material for everyone."

If you haven't already, check out some of Kellye's recent posts and find out what all the fuss is about!

Diane Landsman

Written by: Diane Landsman

Diane Landsman is familiar to many in the HR community as a former editorial director at Human Capital Media. Now an independent communications strategist, writer and editor she helps enterprises educate, engage, influence and sometimes even entertain their audiences. Her specialty is crafting original content across media channels, from websites that attract searchers and keep them engaged to email campaigns, articles that put organizations on the map, and executive-level whitepapers, speeches, and op/ed pieces.


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