Folio Magazine Names Kellye Whitney a Top Woman in Media


It’s always exciting for us when a member of our team is recognized for their hard work, especially on a national level.

Recently, Human Capital Media’s very own associate editorial director, Kellye Whitney, was named one of Folio Magazine’s Top Women in Media. The annual awards program celebrates the female workforce for their innovation and achievements within media-centric fields. Winning in the Director-Level Doer’s category, the magazine acknowledged Kellye’s ability to move the needle for her counterparts, self and HCM as a whole.

Diversity has been growing topic among organizations lately, but Kellye’s thought-leadership, transparency and passion for the issue, especially within the workplace, has been a driving force for the HCM brands - and the industry in it’s entirety - for nearly a decade. 

Kellye takes on the controversial topics many shy away from. Often her dedicated research uncovers workplace bias, bringing to light questionable acts and wavering ethics. But, she is also responsible for celebrating the unsung heros credible for catapulting diversity and inclusion to the forefront of an organization. From discrimination to empowerment, Kellye’s continual flow of brilliant content is never interrupted by roadblocks - it’s the whole story or nothing.

Always agile, Kellye continues to push for the development of brand content and communication delivery systems that will help senior-level learning, HR and diversity executives find solutions to their most complex corporate challenges.

“In part by interviewing chief human resource officers, chief learning officers, chief diversity officers and the CEOs they report to, Kellye peels back the strategic and tactical best practices from the most successful human capital programs in the global marketplace,” says Human Capital Media editorial director, Rick Bell. “Kellye sources industry thought leaders and prods well-known experts to tell their stories within our magazines' pages, as well as editing, packaging and strategizing how best to share those stories via the latest media channels.”

An authoritative and esteemed writer with thousands of followers on social media and a building collection of other awards and recognitions, including one of LinkedIn’s Top Media Voices of 2015, Kellye continues to impress us. We’ve known for years that she is a star employee with valuable insights, and we can’t wait to see what she writes about next.

To stay current with Kellye’s latest publishings, follower her on Twitter @KellyeWhit and LinkedIn, and be sure to check out her diversity-themed blog, “A Life Not Grey.”

Taylar Ramsey

Written by: Taylar Ramsey

Taylar Ramsey is a marketing independent contractor with specialty in strategic campaign design and execution, event planning and creative copywriting. A long-time friend of Human Capital Media, she regularly contributes content surrounding external promotions, internal development and outstanding achievements – all reflective of Human Capital Media’s vision, “Better workplaces, better lives.”


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