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Do This Before the Next Conference You Attend


‘Tis the season — for events! That’s right, we’re officially in the trenches of events season, an energetic time of the year when organizations roll out comprehensive agendas with expert speakers in your industry and like-minded individuals flood the space to learn and mingle. Chances are great that the majority of you have at least one upcoming conference marked on your calendar, because: 1) continued education is critical, 2) networking is paramount and 3) well-rounded learning makes a difference.

In a competitive world where the American workforce is known for burning the midnight oil, it can feel like any minute away from work and/or family has a repercussion. That’s why it’s so important we make sure there is concrete value in any conference you attend.

Consider these three effective, yet practical, tips worth completing before your next conference:

  1. Research the Event                                                       

Don’t just sign up and show up; do your homework! Find out who’s speaking, what companies are attending, topics to be discussed, anything you can. Come up with a list of attendees you hope to network with while there and make an effort to educate yourself on them and their business before entering the room. Utilize LinkedIn; that’s a big reason the largest professional platform exists — to connect the workforce! Bear in mind these conferences bring together professionals who share common passions and interests, increasing the chances of running into someone there that you’ve been wanting to meet for a while. This is your chance to organize that connection and make it count, whether it’s through a colleague, acquaintance or on your own. Collectively, these efforts drive motivation, productivity and success.

  1. Engage on Social Media

The majority of conferences begin campaigning on social media weeks before the actual event. Find out if there’s an event hashtag and use it! Take advantage of this opportunity to get in front of key people before any face-to-face interaction, and display your thought-leadership early. So tweet, re-tweet, comment, share, tie a personal thought or story to the post, long or short. The main thing here is to keep it positive! These small efforts can lead to big prospects once in person.

  1. Put on Your PR Hat

Prepare an elevator pitch about your company and be ready to sell it. You’re going to be doing a lot of networking while there, so it’s important to know how to describe and market your business. You could be talking to your next sales lead, media contact or speaking opportunity. Part of this is remembering your business cards because for as well as you can speak to the business, leaving your new connection with a reminder and contact information might be the catalyst for sealing the deal.

If you’re still looking for a conference to attend this year, check out Human Capital Media hosts many events every year, both in remote locations and in neighboring cities. Visit any of our sister publications for more information. 

Taylar Ramsey

Written by: Taylar Ramsey

Taylar Ramsey is a marketing independent contractor with specialty in strategic campaign design and execution, event planning and creative copywriting. A long-time friend of Human Capital Media, she regularly contributes content surrounding external promotions, internal development and outstanding achievements – all reflective of Human Capital Media’s vision, “Better workplaces, better lives.”


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