2016: Kicking (Off) and Taking Names


2016 is officially here and in full swing!

At Human Capital Media, we know the workplace is not about transactions; it’s about the people and daily successful engagement with them. This is why dialogue opportunities are so important – to learn more about and celebrate HR best practices through our publications, events, awards programs and research projects.

It is our daily mission to provide the workforce, whether that be employer or employee, with a robust community where they can constantly develop and unleash their full potential. 

In case you missed some of the ways we connected with our community this past year, here’s a quick recap:


“There is a real value in these events because they provide a platform for learning professionals to meet and create inter organizational connections.”

- 2015 Fall CLO Symposium attendee

You like us, you really like us! 

Continuing to bring our content to life through events, HCM is bringing back both new events introduced in 2015. The feedback was tremendous, and we plan to capitalize on that in the coming year. 

CLO Accelerator, April 4, 2016 

“The CLO Accelerator was excellent. The high-powered faculty did a great job of pulling together materials and learning experiences that mixed a variety of methods and approaches into a very short, hard-hitting and insightful day and a half. Thank you.”

- 2015 CLO Accelerator attendee

Workforce Focus, Sept. 19, 2016

“I loved that it was small which made it easy to interact with attendees and presenters. The information was excellent. For me it provided a whole new way to look at employee benefits.”

- 2015 Workforce Focus attendee


Taking the time to celebrate achievements and determine industry benchmarks is vital to the growth of the HR industry and the workforce. As more and more organizations reach and go beyond the benchmark standards of our award programs, we are delighted to see continued, dedicated attention given to the development of the workforce and better workplaces.

Be sure to check out the winners of the 25th Anniversary of our Optimas Awards which is featured in the latest issue of Workforce, and don’t miss out on being named a 2016 LearningElite as nominations are now open. 


Always staying ahead of the curve, our research team continues to supply our partners with valuable industry insights how to best set themselves apart in the industry as an inclusive workforce that initiates best practices on attracting and retaining talent. Be sure to check out the 2015 Diversity Value Index, and don’t miss out on being a part of it in 2016!


At the risk of tooting our own horn, we’re proud that our hard-working team of editors were acknowledged this year as finalists of the Folio: Eddie & Ozzie awards. While we too take the time to celebrate our own workforce, this just inspires us to continue on and do our best to serve the human capital industry well.

Taylar Ramsey

Written by: Taylar Ramsey

Taylar Ramsey is a marketing independent contractor with specialty in strategic campaign design and execution, event planning and creative copywriting. A long-time friend of Human Capital Media, she regularly contributes content surrounding external promotions, internal development and outstanding achievements – all reflective of Human Capital Media’s vision, “Better workplaces, better lives.”


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