Professional Growth

Professional Growth That Won’t Cost Ya


The demand for continued learning will always be there, but the financial resources may not.

That’s why we’ve rounded up three simple and accessible resources perfect for advancing your professional development — on a budget.


At a certain point in your career, you are bound to question your path and the large decisions that are sure to influence it. If you are lucky enough to know an expert in your field, especially a veteran of the trade, don’t hesitate to forward these questions their direction. Forming a professional bond with an industry expert means you will receive advice that is appropriate to your field from someone who a) knows what they’re talking about and b) wants to see you achieve success.

LinkedIn is also a wonderful resource for connecting with like-minded professionals. By exploring LinkedIn Groups, you’re likely to find a band of individuals already knee-deep in industry-focused conversations. So, jump in. You never know, your future mentor could be the one guiding that dialogue.


Webinars are a great resource for staying current with industry developments. They also give an inside look at the strategies and problem-solving solutions implemented by some of the industry’s most innovative people. These events are planned in advance, allowing you plenty of time to research which topics best support your professional goals. They also often offer flexibility necessary for accommodating a full work schedule through on-demand alternatives. And best of all, they’re usually budget-friendly, if not free!

Online Courses

Like webinars, online learning platforms such as Coursera allow anyone, anywhere to learn and earn credentials from top universities and education providers all over the world. These accessible platforms allow eager individuals  to forward their careers through specific skill development. Though limited in available degrees, these platforms typically offer a long list of courses perfect for refining your skill set. Coursera gives professionals the opportunity to advance their careers and build their résumés while furthering education.

A major misconception often associated with these types of programs is that it hits the bank account hard. On the contrary, with some research, skill-seekers can often find low-to-no-cost options that offer the same quality of education.

If a formal course is too much of a commitment — pending time and availability — there are plenty of similar yet less-committal options out there, such as after-work meetups and workshops.

These are just a few ideas for advancing your career on a budget. There are plenty of other economical options out there that can have an equal impact while providing incredible value.

Taylar Ramsey

Written by: Taylar Ramsey

Taylar Ramsey is a marketing independent contractor with specialty in strategic campaign design and execution, event planning and creative copywriting. A long-time friend of Human Capital Media, she regularly contributes content surrounding external promotions, internal development and outstanding achievements – all reflective of Human Capital Media’s vision, “Better workplaces, better lives.”


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