Human Capital Media Celebrates First Annual GEM Awards


Human Capital Media, publisher of Chief Learning Officer, Workforce and Talent Management magazines, has just celebrated its first annual GEM Awards. GEM, as in Go the Extra Mile, was recently implemented into the HCM culture in an effort to recognize internal greatness across employees. Nominators may choose to be anonymous or not.

Recognized this round:

  • Lauren Dixon, associate editor: Lauren, a member of the HCM Social Committee and always the positive person, has won for her creative thinking and collaborative efforts in social planning. She is recognized for her ability to bring the HCM vision “Better workplaces, better lives” to life.
  • Tim Harnett, research manager: Tim has taken on the task of organizing regular trivia pub nights. This is no surprise in that Tim’s always eager to help. His sunny disposition is impossible to miss. You can find Tim happily walking through the halls of HCM, tossing his coffee cup in the air. Or if you listen closely and hear some pleasant whistling, he’s probably near.
  • Lauren Lynch, digital manager: A member of the HCM Communications Committee and nominated twice, Lauren is recognized for her commitment to recognizing colleagues across multiple platforms - from birthdays to internal Lunch ‘n Learns. She is also responsible in large part for recent major website overhauls.
  • Frank Kalman, managing editor: An editor first, Frank has taken the initiative to teach himself and facilitate video editing for the editorial department. This added responsibility has both expanded his skill set and saved the company money. It’s a win-win!
  • Alec O’Dell, webcast coordinator: Also nominated twice and also a member of the HCM Communications Committee, Alec has continuously displayed care for this role -- and it certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed. Through constant positive feedback from clients and coworkers and detail orientation, Alec has proven himself a great employee.

We’re only scratching the surface of the greatness behind HCM’s content here. It takes a lot of committed, passionate individuals to hold down this fort, and there’s no denying they’re doing a fantastic job. Congratulations to everyone!

Taylar Ramsey

Written by: Taylar Ramsey

Taylar Ramsey is an account partner for 3Points Communications, a Chicago-based public relations firm and has worked with Human Capital Media since 2013. Taylar writes relevant workplace blog posts, maintains social media efforts and oversees overarching campaigns on behalf of the HCM brand. She contributes writing pieces based around internal developments and outstanding achievements – all reflective of the Human Capital Media’s vision, “Better workplaces, better lives”. To hear more from Taylar, follow her on Twitter @3ptsTaylar.


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